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Capture a refined style with PT01 pants. Striking patterns and fabrics lend a dash of irreverence to these trousers. Understated elements and polished adornments add a subtly sumptuous touch to the offerings at Sam Malouf. Expect luxurious natural fabrics worked into frame-flattering fitted shapes. Pantalone Torino, "PT01" was born in Turin, Italy, and has three generations of history.

This spirit has profoundly informed all design over the years, enabling them to pass the boundaries of convention and bring about an authentic revolution in the trouser world, day after day: a classic item no one can do without, which becomes an icon of style, character and personality. A cult item.


  • PT01 Pant

    Casual Pant $495

  • PT01 Dress Pant

    H-Bone Weave Flat Front Pant $425

  • PT01 Casual Pant

    Tricotine Flat Front Pant $395

  • PT01 Dress Pant

    Textured Wool Stripe Pant $425

  • PT01 Pant

    Four Season Wool Pant $425